The most exciting business ideas to make money in 2020

Would you like to start your own business or earn money on the side, but still need to find the right business idea? Then you are exactly right here? There will again be countless exciting business ideas in 2020. While selection is always a good thing, it is difficult to filter out the really promising startup ideas.

Your goal should be to build a shop in a niche that is not only profitable, but can also ensure your long-term success.

You will find that many of the business ideas on this list have grown in popularity lately.

The jump to a new trend can sometimes be risky - but also very lucrative.

However, some of the other business ideas on this list have long been popular. This creates increased competition, but also makes it less risky. However, all of the business ideas listed here have one thing in common: They will help you find inspiration and make good money in 2020.

The list of the most exciting business ideas

Would you like to find a business idea that suits you? Then let's take a look at the most promising business ideas for 2020 - freshly updated based on the latest data from our product catalog. Here we go!

Resistance Bands - New Business Ideas

Since the lockdown, workouts and training within your own four walls have grown massively in popularity. People have realized that you can keep fit at home too. So it's no big surprise that resistance bands have become a big seller. Another factor in the popularity of these articles was probably the many social media calls to keep fit and develop new healthy habits during the lockdown.

In fact, one only needs to take a look at Google Trends to understand why resistance bands have become such big sellers.

Resistance bands are the perfect sports equipment to sell online. First of all, they are very light, so they can be sent by post at low cost and without great effort. Plus, they're a sports product that people can use at all stages of their fitness journey - from beginners to experts. They are also available in different versions, from the standard straps to those with handles.

Resistance bands also do not require technical support or special knowledge. Last but not least, they also have no electrical components that could lead to malfunctions. So if you have a supplier who delivers promptly, resistance bands have little risk of dissatisfied customers. This makes them one of the best business ideas this year, which will ensure good sales even after the lockdown and hopefully soon after the corona crisis has been completely overcome.

Glasses with blue light filters - business ideas with potential

Next we have an article from the Accessories category. Not only do these glasses look good, but they are also designed to reduce eye strain caused by blue light.

Between computers, smartphones and TVs, we spend a lot of time staring at screens. So it's no surprise this product has been so popular over the last month.

The glasses have been popular for some time. However, the fact is that they have become even more popular in recent weeks.

There are now many different models that you can of course offer very conveniently via dropshipping. So you could build an entire shop around these special glasses and launch your own brand as an idea.

Selfie ring light - startup ideas in e-commerce

Selfies have become increasingly popular since the invention of the smartphone. At the moment, however, it's no longer just about photos, but also about videos for YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. No matter whether photos or videos, with this ring light you can take the perfect picture.

So it's no surprise that this selfie ring light has sold in such large numbers. The product is incredibly easy to install on any mobile phone. It is sold in one size so that customers don't have to find a specific model for their cell phone. The hardest choice a customer has to make is the color they want.

This product can also be shipped from a wide variety of countries, including within the EU, which ensures fast shipping. When it comes to advertising, show how useful the product actually is. This works best with a comparison of photos with and without Seflie light to demonstrate the difference. A short explanatory video could also offer added value here.

Wireless Chargers - Business Ideas to Sell Online

Another promising business idea is wireless chargers. These products are not necessarily brand new to the market. And that's exactly why we believe they'll sell perfectly in 2020 and beyond.

More and more people will have devices that can actually take advantage of wireless charging.

This includes most new smartphones, but also wireless headphones. This makes wireless charging more attractive to buyers.

As you can see, searchers are interested in these products all year round. However, around the holiday season there is a huge surge in traffic - then people usually buy new phones or wireless headphones.

We assume that this trend will continue in 2020 and beyond, especially as technology is becoming increasingly affordable.

So all in all, these products look like a great option for dropshippers, especially those running a tech shop.

Wireless chargers are sure to be one of the most promising business ideas this year.

Landing pads for drones - business ideas without seed capital

Landing pads for drones are next on our list of the best business ideas for 2020.

People are still buying drones in droves. But that doesn't mean that they are always confident pilots.

And that's exactly why these items made it onto our list.

The hardest part of flying a drone is landing, and these unique dropshipping products can definitely help.

Such landing pads for drones are a relatively inexpensive item that can help protect drones, which are certainly far more expensive.

When it comes to marketing, video marketing campaigns will likely be your first choice. With a video you can show exactly what it is like to land a drone on a surface without a landing pad. In comparison, you can then show how much easier it is to land on one of these great pads.